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Vujanovic at UN GA: Montenegro contributes to peace and security

Vujanovic at UN GA: Montenegro contributes to peace and security

Montenegro actively contributes to preserving peace and security in the region and puts good neighbourly relations and regional cooperation in the Balkans at the top of its foreign policy agenda, president Filip Vujanovic said in his address at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. He also said that Montenegro was strongly committed to the values of the United Nations.

According to the president, as one of the newest members of the United Nations, Montenegro actively contributes to maintaining peace and security in the region.

“Good neighbourly relations and regional cooperation in the Balkans are on the top our foreign policy agenda. We are strongly committed to multilateral cooperation and affirmation of the international organizations that contribute to the peace and stability,” Vujanovic said.

He also pointed out that it was of great importance for Montenegro that it became the 29thmember of NATO.

“As a member of the Alliance, we will continue to improve its cooperation and partnership with the UN peace-keeping missions and regional organizations dedicated to establishing and maintaining the peace and stability,” Vujanovic said.

As he put it, Montenegro has proved to be a reliable partner of the European Union. Accession negotiations have already ensured significant economic benefits.

He also called to mind that international community is faced with the complex challenges such as long-term conflicts, terrorism and violent extremism, refugee crises, systematic violation of human rights, poverty.

“The United Nations, which is established to prevent war and human suffering, should make more rapid adjustments to respond to these challenges and adopt new mechanisms to prevent conflicts and resolve long-term crisis,” the president said.

As he assessed the United Nations and international as well as regional economic organizations have new responsibilities.

He added that Montenegro remained dedicated to the UN efforts in implementation of the ambitious reform agenda, including the strengthening of the role of the General Assembly an enlargement of the Security Council according to the principles of equitable regional representation.

Vujanovic called to mind that Montenegro was a part of the region whose experience has shown that dialogue and cooperation are possible and that they are the only way to overcome the differences and achieve peace and lasting solutions.

“Therefore, we will organise, early next year, a regional conference, in order to share our experience and help in defining new mechanisms for conflict prevention and resolution,” the president announced.

Efforts aimed at prevention of terrorism must be focused on its causes, he said.

“It is a particular responsibility of the countries from which the terrorist threats origin, but the international community should also offer necessary help. Therefore, we highly appreciate establishing of the Office of Counter-Terrorism at the initiative of the Secretary-General, which will enable a strong leadership and connection between the UN and its members in preventing conflicts and terrorism,” Vujanovic said.

Montenegro unequivocally supports the efforts aimed at non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.  The Non-Proliferation Treaty is a foundation for improvement of the global stability.

“Montenegro strongly condemns nuclear weapons tests conducted by North Korea as an act that violates international obligations determined by the Security Council resolutions and poses a serious threat to global peace and security,” Vujanovic said, adding that our country supports diplomatic efforts aimed at calming down current situation and call on North Korea to fully respect its international obligations.

The president also said that Montenegro strongly supported the negotiations on new international accord on climate changes.

“Paris Agreement on Climate Changes is a foundation for further efforts in preserving a long-term stability of the climate system,” Vujanovic assessed.

The president pointed out that respect for human rights was a precondition for peace, stability and development.

“Full implementation of the international standards and norms relating to promotion and protection of human rights is the obligation of each country. Being committed to the multilateral system of protection and promotion of human rights, particularly the most vulnerable groups, we attach special importance to the poverty eradication and fight against discrimination,” he said.

He also emphasised that Montenegro attached special attention to: strengthening the position and role of women in society and prevention of violence against women; child protection and development; fight against discrimination of LGBT population and persons with disabilities.

“I am certain that improvement of human rights protection and respect recommends Montenegro for a candidate for membership to the Human Rights Council 2022-2024. This was also confirmed by the High Commissioner for Human Rights who said that Montenegro was one of the 33 UN members that sent regular reports on the implementation of the international agreements concerning human rights,” Vujanovic said.

He also said that enormous needs for offering humanitarian assistance to the civilians in conflicts and natural disasters obliged the United Nations to reinforce mechanisms for humanitarian aid.

“Therefore, Montenegro has invested significant efforts this year to ensure appropriate legislative and strategic framework for planning and implementation of control and financing of the international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance,” he said.


Source: CDM

Vujanovic at UN GA: Montenegro contributes to peace and security


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