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Valorisation of the Shipyard opens new jobs

Valorisation of the Shipyard opens new jobs

At the beginning of the first Damen Group’s service in the Mediterranean, jobs will be opened first and then the nautical offer of Montenegro will be significantly supplemented, PM Dusko Markovic and Dutch businessman, billionaire Kommer Damen, agreed at today’s meeting in Davos during the 18th World Economic Forum.

Damen is the chairman of the Damen Group, which is negotiating with Montenegrin Government, as a partner in the consortium with Porto Montenegro, on taking over the Adriatic Shipyard Bijela.

“The harmonisation of the concession contract is at the very end, which opens the room for valorisation of the part of the Shipyard with its transformation into the service for luxury yachts,” it was said at the meeting.

Markovic said that the presence of Damen Group, as a renowned investor, helped Montenegrin efforts to brand the country as an elite tourist destination.

The Damen Group has 33 shipyards worldwide (15 of which are in the Netherlands) and employs more than 1,500 workers.


Source: CDM

Valorisation of the Shipyard opens new jobs


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