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UNIPROM: opening of aluminium billets factory

UNIPROM: opening of aluminium billets factory

Prime Minister Duško Marković said today at the opening of a new aluminium billets/logs factory within the company UNIPROM KAP that the European path is a process of thoughtful strategic transformation of all segments of our society, including our industry.

“Every new product is a new job and a new opportunity for every employee to raise the quality of life to the desired level,” said PM Marković at the ceremony at which President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović and UNIPROM KAP owner Veselin Pejović opened a new factory.

The Prime Minister said that today we are witnessing that in 16 months the new Factory has opened its gates for about 80 new workers, that the investment worth about EUR 15 million was realised in a very short time and that it will start annual production of as many as 70 thousand tons of aluminium billets, worth about 175 million dollars in the foreign market.

“I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the owner of UNIPROM, Mr Veselin Pejović, for brave business moves; for investments of over EUR 25 million in production capacities; and above all for new jobs in the Aluminium Plant”, said the Prime Minister.


Mr Marković said at the ceremony that here, near Podgorica, Montenegrin society creates a product traded around the world every day.

“A product of standardised quality, which is listed on stock exchanges from London to Chicago and whose value dictates the moves of the largest global corporations. Today, it is easier than ever to say that the aluminium industry still has a lot to offer to Montenegro” – said the Prime Minister.


Source: CDM, http://www.gov.me/


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