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Tourists attracted by Komovi and nature

Tourists attracted by Komovi and nature

Every year, more and more tourists visit Andrijevica. This is also the case with this tourist season. I think that more and more people are intrigued by the unspoiled nature and mountain tourism that is characteristic for this area, the director of the Andrijevica Tourism Organisation Radovan Djekovic told Pobjeda.

Nearly 2,000 mountain climbers and nature lovers visited the Vasojevicki Kom mountain this year. As many as 1,000 people attended the Vera Vincek and Pavle Milosevic memorial there, Djekovic said.

As he said, the organisation is satisfied with the results of the season, although there are no precise records on the number of tourists. According to him the tourists mostly come from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and Serbia. In recent years, there is a number of visitors from Frabnce and the Netherlands as well.

According to Djekovic, unspoiled nature fascinates them, whereas they are disappointed with illegal landfills and unplanned woodcutting.


Source: CDM

Tourists attracted by Komovi and nature


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