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Tivat: from a small port to the best example of growth

Tivat: from a small port to the best example of growth

Tivat is the promoter of new tourism values, but not only that – it also promotes overall European values. From a small port, a dormant seaside town, to a town that can serve as an example of all other regions in Montenegro, said president of Montenegro, Mr Milo Đukanović, during his visit to this municipality.

“It really makes me happy that people in Tivat think responsibly about new amenities to make it a European town, a successful town that will respond to increasing needs of its residents and picky tourists”, Mr Đukanović said.

Mr Đukanović commented plans for development of Tivat.

“We can expect very soon new sport hall, new football stadium. Pensioners can look forward to new residential facilities, young people will find new chances in new projects and get quality jobs, better paid jobs so that they can plan their families”, Mr Đukanović said.

“There has been increase in the amount of people who took part in overall development of Tivat. Unemployment is declining, tourism turnover is on the rise, average salary in Tivat is much higher than in other parts of Montenegro”, Mr Đukanović concluded.


Source: CDM



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