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Tivat Airport handles millionth passenger

Tivat Airport handles millionth passenger

Belova arrived in Tivat from Moscow this afternoon with her husband, with the regular flight of the Montenegrin national airline Montenegro Airlines MGX 611.
A tourist from Russia Nelija Belova is a millionth passenger who has been passing through the terminal building of the Tivat Airport since the beginning of this year.
On the airport platform, as soon as she came out of MA’s F-100 fighter, Belova and her husband were greeted by the Executive Director of the Airport of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandic, and the director of the Tivat airport, Rade Marić, who welcomed them to Montenegro.

“It’s the fifth time I come here. I am fascinated by the beauty of your country and the hospitality of the people here and I am very glad that I am the millionth passenger of the airport in Tivat in this year. Certainly, my husband and I will continue to come in Montenegro” said a pleasantly surprised Russian woman, while her husband expressed gratitude to Montenegrin Airlines .

The millionth traveller arrived twelve days ahead of 2017 on a Montenegro Airlines flight from Moscow.
Tivat Airport recently commenced the construction of a temporary makeshift terminal in order to deal with strong passenger growth and capacity constraints. The structure will be completed by the end of October.
“The makeshift terminal will ease congestion, especially during the peak summer months. On the other hand, we can expect even better results next year because we will be better prepared to handle more traffic with greater capacity”, the head of operator Airports of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, said.
The country’s other international airport, Podgorica, will welcome its millionth passenger of the year this autumn. Jointly, the two should handle 2.5 million travellers in 2018.



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