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Tivat Airport committed to night flights

Tivat Airport committed to night flights

Airports of Montenegro, the company which manages the country’s two international airports – Podgorica and Tivat – has said it is committed to enabling Tivat Airport to handle traffic during night time hours after a tender for the selection of a consultant tasked with conducting a feasibility study into the matter was annulled. The General Manager of Airports of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, said a new tender would be launched soon.  The initial public call garnered three bids – Navblue from France, Jeppesen Sanderson from the United States and GE Aviation Digital, also from the States. However, the tender commission declared all offers invalid.
Since its opening over sixty years ago, Tivat Airport has only worked during daylight and does not have the necessary runway lighting equipment to remain open past sundown. “There is no justification in the 21st century for an airport located in a world-renowned tourist destination not to posses new and modern technology. The inability to handle traffic between sunset and sunrise burdens Tivat Airport during the daytime and leads to congestion over the summer when it caters for up to sixty aircraft and 10.000 passengers in a single day”, the Board of Directors of Airports of Montenegro said in a statement recently.
Source: EX-YU Aviation News


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