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Strengthen the relations between Italy and the cities of Boka Bay

Strengthen the relations between Italy and the cities of Boka Bay

The Mayor of Tivat Željko Komnenović received yesterday the Ambassador of Italy to Montenegro, H.E. Luca Zelioli.
“You are the first ambassador to visit Tivat after the change of administration in Tivat, and I thank you for that. I must note that the relations between Tivat and the Boka with Italy through history and tradition is more than evident and I hope to create stronger ties, which will translate into concrete examples of international cooperation, mainly in the cultural field” said Komnenovic. The Mayor underlined the particular importance of a greater presence of Italian investors to strengthen ties between the two countries, especially in the tourism sector.”
H.E. Zelioli stressed that Italy’s relationship with the Boka Bay has been enriched in recent years, also through an increase in the number of Italian tourists. He also mentioned the intense cooperation between the Embassy and the Community of Italians of Montenegro in the cultural sphere.

Komnenović explained that they are really interested in strengthening relations with Italy not only to attract new tourists to the city, but also investors. Tivat is a city of many opportunities.

The diplomat expressed to the Mayor the desire to strengthen the links between Italy and the cities of Boka Bay, already developed around cultural elements, expressing the strong interest in intensifying collaboration in the cultural sector with the Municipality of Tivat, also confirming the willingness to organize a first initiative as soon as the epidemiological situation allows it.
He specified that there is also an important presence in the Municipality of small and medium-sized Italian companies and proposed to strengthen cooperation also in the economic sector.
The meeting was also attended by the President of the Municipal Assembly of Tivat, Mr. Andrija Petković, who recalled the fact that the coastal part of Montenegro and the Italian coast share a very similar mentality. “We like Italian fashion, football, the Sanremo festival.”

The vice president of the municipality, Goran Božović, remained the twinning that Tivat has with two Italian towns, Mola di Bari and San Giacomo della Schiavoni.
As two Mediterranean countries, we share similar characteristics particularly in the area of ​​cultural heritage. This cooperation brings people and countries closer and I am sure there is a lot of room for concrete cooperation when it comes to international projects” said Božović.


Sources: CDM


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