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Small hydro power plant soon in Mojkovac

Small hydro power plant soon in Mojkovac

Construction of the small hydro power plant on the watercourse in Mojkovac has been planned and more detailed conditions of financing, design and construction will be defined by the concession agreement on the basis of the energy permit for the construction of the aforementioned facility.

Radoje Mišnić, the concessionaire, is obliged to deliver to the Government bank warrant for the execution of the agreement in the amount of 30.000 EUR, the day when the agreement is reached.

“The concession is granted for the period of 30 years, with the concession fee which amounts 6,1 % of the planned annual electricity production” , reads the Report on the procedure of issuing concession.

Total planned electricity production of this small hydro power plant on annual basis is 0,987 gigawatt hours, whereas the installed power of the plant will be 222,2 kilowatt.

After Mišnić delivered documentation,the Ministry of Economy stated that the request meets the criteria established by law and regulations.

The Agreement, which is supposed to be signed by Dragica Sekulić, Minister of Economy, will be executed in three phases. The first phase includes design of technical documentation and the second includes construction of the hydro power plant. The remaining 27 years of the concession is the third phase which represents work of the plant and electricity production.

After the concession expires, the land and the plant will become state’s ownership.


Source: CDM



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