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Sekulić invites American investors to Montenegro

Sekulić invites American investors to Montenegro

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs and Special Representative of the State Department for the Western Balkans Matthew Palmer visited on Monday the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, in his first official visit to the countries in the region.
“You can count on Montenegro’s absolute partnership and my personal engagement in doing our best for the region. Without integration, WB has no desirable perspective and that’s why we strongly advocate for enlargement policy”, said Mr Đukanović.
“Apart from the clear vision we also have growing capacity for adopting reforms and overcoming challenges, while putting emphasis on regional cooperation as a stable way towards integration. It is very important that Europe recognises its responsibility and strategic interest in the integration of the Balkans”, said Mr Đukanović.
He thanked Washington for the support, especially in the domain of defence and security. In the forthcoming period, priority will be given to strengthening defence network in the area of cyber crime and hybrid threats.

He expressed interest in enhancing economic relations and attracting American investments in Montenegro.

Also Minister of Economy, Ms Dragica Sekulić, met with Mr Matthew Palmer and seized the opportunity to invite US investors to invest in our country.
“Credible American investors would be very important for our country”, pointed out Ms Sekulić.

Ms Sekulić discussed current affairs in the field of energy while focusing primarily on the use of renewable energy resources.

They also discussed investments in the northern region, as well as the importance of Montenegro’s NATO accession.


Source: CDM


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