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Roman Abramovich’s super-yacht Eclipse spotted in Montenegro

Roman Abramovich’s super-yacht Eclipse spotted in Montenegro

The €340 million super-yacht Eclipse, one of the largest private yachts in the world owned by the Russian billionaire, Mr Roman Abramovich, has arrived in the Boka Bay.


The yacht has 24 guest cabins, two pools, a nightclub, and even a missile defence system…

The Russian billionaire spent £350 million for this yacht but some claim it cost around £1 billion with the luxury & safety equipment.

Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse boasts nine decks, the top one containing two helipads and a garage. The forward helipads opens out to allow for a Euro copter EC155 to be placed in a hangar underneath, reported Luxury.rs.
“Eclipse” can accommodate 62 guests and 70 crew members. The yacht has swimming pools, saunas, movie theatres, jewellers, hair salons, kindergartens, restaurants, clubs and a hospital.

The Eclipse also has bullet-proof windows and lasers to dazzle paparazzi.

Each cabin in the yacht has a private cinema screen, a Jacuzzi, spa and special security systems.
The super-yacht is however very expensive to maintain – running costs are estimated to € 30 million a year.


Source: CDM


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