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To open doors to investments from China

To open doors to investments from China

Prime Minister Duško Marković invited Chinese investors to invest in Montenegro and Central and Eastern European countries, and Montenegrin businessmen to open doors to investments through direct contacts with Chinese partners.

“I am sure that at the Business Forum and at the Round Table of the president of the chamber of capitals you will be convinced of the opportunities offered by Montenegro. I also invite Montenegrin businessmen to use the opportunity to open doors for participation in foreign markets through direct meetings with representatives of economic delegations of China and countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and contribute to the increase of trade, primarily exports. This will make the Forum even more important and will fully meet our goals. It is an opportunity to specifically invite Chinese investors to invest in Montenegro, as well as in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe,” the Prime Minister said, addressing the participants of the 2nd Forum of the Capital Mayors of Central and Eastern Europe and People’s Republic of China.

The Prime Minister assessed that there is an unused space in the “16+1 Cooperation“ Mechanism.

“I believe that today’s business and bilateral meetings will further encourage Chinese companies to invest directly in this part of Europe. We are pleased with the announcements of establishment of financial and investment institutions and funds within the Mechanism, and we look forward to the forthcoming concrete steps and approved funds for projects that will contribute to further development,” the Prime Minister of Montenegro said.

Prime Minster Marković highlighted the crucial role of local self-governments in creating business environment.

“Investors are looking for destinations in which administrative procedures and bureaucracy will not be a barrier, but only a regular, but effective, step towards the ultimate goal – realisation of projects. Montenegro and its cities have done a lot in that field. Today, we are one of the most competitive investment destinations, as evidenced by projects currently being implemented. Those already realised confirm the correctness of our policy and attitude toward the future of our country. Montenegro is becoming an increasingly attractive investment and tourist destination, and this is witnessed by numerous Chinese business delegations who regularly visit us and express their interest in launching and implementing projects in all areas,” Prime Minister Marković noted.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro said that by building the motorway and connecting the Port of Bar with the key corridors and markets of Central and Eastern Europe, our country will further strengthen its position and become one of the traffic and logistical hubs on the route through which the trade exchange between Europe and China will take place.

“In this regard, “16+1 Cooperation“ Mechanism and the ” Belt and Road” initiative are very important platforms for us, through which we will further present our investment potentials. As a future member of the European Union, we will actively contribute to the continuous improvement of strategic relations with China and the fulfillment of goals in trade exchange and economic cooperation,” the Prime Minister of Montenegro said. He added that our country is particularly interested in cooperation in the fields of infrastructure, energy, tourism, agriculture, transport and logistics, culture, education, science and sports.

Prime Minister Duško Marković suggested to the participants of the Forum to take the opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of environmental protection and sustainable economy, but also in the field of education, stating that acquiring modern knowledge is one of the conditions for improving trade relations.


Source: RTCG



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