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New terminal at Tivat Airport

PM Duško Marković opened today the newly-built Terminal 2 at Tivat Airport – the first investment since 2006, when the existing airport building was built. Marković used this opportunity to point out that he sees the cooperation between the Government and the Management of Airports as an example to be followed by others in Montenegro.


“An investment that is beginning its test operation, is an emergency and necessary response to serious infrastructure load of the Airport in Tivat which is a consequence of intense tourism growth and number of passengers who visit Montenegro. This kind of treatment of state goods is exactly the practice I want to see in the future. Acknowledge the problem, make a decision and act upon it”, said the PM.


Management of the Airports suggested to the Government and the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs that additional facilities be constructed at the airports in Tivat and Podgorica. These facilities would provide comfort for the passengers and functionality for airport services.


“The Government accepted it and around €3,5 million were invested in this project. Additional €2 million will be required for the facility in Podgorica. This would be an appropriate opportunity to say that the quality of this project has already set the standards for other companies in Montenegro that manage resources and infrastructure of public interest”, said Marković.


First enlargement since 2006

CEO of the Airports of Montenegro, Danilo Orlandić, reminded that the existing terminal building dates back to 2006.

“Twelve years later, Montenegro is a stable country, recognized and respected all around the world, and is a member of NATO alliance. That’s the reason why many renowned air companies decided to direct their traffic towards our country. The last one being Lufthansa. New capacities and improved conditions at the Airport Tivat were the key factor for the final agreement with the most important European company and the seventh in the world which will connect Montenegro with Frankfurt and Munich starting from April”, said the Director of Airports.


Terminal 2 – energy efficient among the first one in the region

Representative of the UN Development Program – organization that took part in the project – Miodrag Dragičić said that the Terminal was built in accordance with the principles of energy efficiency: starting from the facing materials and isolation, through contemporary equipment, modern air conditioning and ventilation systems to lighting.


“Not only will this provide more comfort for the passengers, but it will also contribute to significant financial savings and preservation of the environment. Another important thing is, that the system of energy management will be established next year as a part of carbon accreditation of the Airports of Montenegro. That way, the business will be more acceptable from the aspect of climate changes”, said Dragišić.


Montenegro is a destination that attracts investments

Speaking of the advantages that will be gained by investing in Airports, PM Duško Marković said that connection with European metropolises makes the connection with our people there even tighter.

“Direct lines to Vienna, Rome, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Istanbul, Moscow, Zurich and Stockholm  are important for keeping the connection with them”, said Marković.

He added that a lot had been done to make air traffic available to everybody and not only to rich clientele.

“Lufthansa flights will start soon but the availability of cheaper flights to West European cities is just as important. Our European integration is based on mobility, freedom of movement and economic exchange. Our Airports are essential in that context. Development opportunities can’t be awaited, and chances don’t happen again”, said Marković.

He said that this success shouldn’t put challenges of other segments of transport into another plan. There will be a lot of work in the Bay of Kotor.


New terminal intended for the departures, with around 3.000 , consists of six check-in counters, two control lanes, modern luggage carrier as well as premises for the representatives of air companies, police and customs office.


Source: CDM

New terminal at Tivat Airport


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