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New roaming prices come into effect today

New roaming prices come into effect today

Agreement on the reduction of roaming charges among the countries in the region comes into effect  today. This Agreement will enable citizens to pay roaming services at lower prices and to avoid too expensive bills.

Montenegrin Telecom has informed its users that starting from the 1st July until 31 December of 2019, reduced roaming prices are going to apply in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo.

The prices are the following: outgoing calls made in Montenegro – €0,0946 per minute; SMS – €0,0298 per SMS; received calls – € 0,0484 per minute.

According to calculations, prices of voice calls will be lowered by 50%. SMS prices will be lowered by 40-50%. The greatest reduction refers to Internet prices – nearly 90% in comparison to the current prices.


Source: CDM

New roaming prices come into effect today


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