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New five star hotel “Villa Geba” on Adriatic coast

New five star hotel “Villa Geba” on Adriatic coast

The exclusive five-star boutique hotel was opened on the Montenegrin coast. The new premium quality hotel Villa Geba is located at Sveti Stefan, few kilometres from the tourist centre of Montenegro – the city of Budva.

The gathered guests from Montenegrin public life, as well as guests from abroad, it was presented this unique hotel, located at the most beautiful Mediterranean location, between the blue sky and the wild landscape.

Pavle Radulovic, the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, also attended the opening, who pointed out that the premium boutique hotels are the future of the area such as Sveti Stefan.

Cults of goddesses from various cultures were an inspiration for the design of Villa Gebe, so the apartments got ancient names: Selma, Elena, Harmony…
However Villa Geba has eight thematic apartments, size from 80 to 120 square meters, which are designed as a world for themselves.
The sentence by Karl Lagerfield, that “nothing is more modern than antiquity”, perfectly describes this boutique hotel.
The head of cuisine at the Muse restaurant, Olivia Meli, collaborated with French giants Joel Robuchon, Gui Martina and Emmanuel Renaut, all of whom have several Michelin stars.

This restaurant offers an atmosphere of chic Parisian bistro. In the menu, bistro-gastronomy is complete with a large selection of exceptional wines.


Valérie Mansis, the executive director of Villa Gebe, is convinced of the success of this project worth 18 million euros.



Source : CDM


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