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Montenegro – a small country of amazing wine

Montenegro – a small country of amazing wine

Montenegro can be characterized as a top wine producing country, as wine represents one of its most important agricultural products for export. The value of wine exports is almost twice the value of imported wine.

Over the past decade, there were two trends particularly significant in the investment structure when it comes to the vinification: planting new vineyards and restoration of existing ones, and investing in the equipment, reconstruction and construction of new wineries and projects in the area of wine tourism.

They were discovered via Facebook

Winery Kopitović, which represents a family business, best witnesses the need for continuous investments in wine tourism. The winery was established in 2006, it has the old tavern over 300 years old and there’s a tasting room built in authentic style. “Our guests coming via tourist agencies are usually from Europe, i.e. Scandinavia, Great Britain, France and Germany, but there are also individuals who find us via TripAdvisor, Facebook and Instagram,” winery Kopitović said.

‘Wine village’ project is about to start

The company Plantaže pays special attention to the investments in the area of wine tourism. Its oldest wine cellar ‘Lješkopolje’ has been renovated and transformed into the wine cellar for aging of special, limited edition wines. The company intends to restore the restaurant Mareza and implement the project ‘Wine village’.

Visitors of Plantaže usually come from the EU member states, i.e. France, Slovenia, Austria and Poland, and when it comes to individual arrivals, people are coming from all over the world – the USA, China, Russia, Australia, etc…


Source: CDM

Montenegro – a small country of amazing wine


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