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“Montenegro is the next Italy”

“Montenegro is the next Italy”

Renowned Conde Nast Traveler magazine has recommended Montenegro as a destination that should be visited, comparing it with Italy.

“Montenegro is the next Italy – everyone should go,” the article states.

Montenegro is described as a small country that only gained independence from Serbia in 2006, the entire population of Montenegro is less than that of Stockholm.

“Of its coastline, Lord Byron once wrote, ‘At the moment of the creation of our planet, the most beautiful merging of land and sea occurred at the Montenegrin seaside’—and it seems the poet is seemingly not alone in that thought: Over the years, the country’s steep shorelines, uncrowded beaches, and picturesque, historic villages have drawn everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Sophia Loren, looking for quiet and fewer crowds,” the article says.

The author compares the Bay of Kotor to Lake Como in Italy and Norwegian Fjords

“The curving Bay of Kotor is at turns Lake Como and Norwegian fjords dotted with ancient Turkish and Greek settlements and UNESCO World Heritage sites; farther south, Budva, the country’s most visited destination, draws crowds for its renowned Old Town, marbled streets, Venetian walls, and nightlife (it’s often dubbed ‘The Miami of Montenegro’).”

In addition to Montenegro, Conde Nast Traveler’s article recommends 13 emerging destinations around the world, including Beograd (Serbia), Dakar (Africa), Baku (Azerbaijan), Stepantsminda, (Georgia), Panama (South America), Manila (Philippines), Tehran (Iran), Montevideo (Uruguay), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Faroe Islands (Denmark), Yangon (Southeast Asia), Chennai and Pondicherry (India) and Nosy Mangabe (Madagascar).

Source: CDM



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