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Montenegro increasingly attractive to investors

Montenegro increasingly attractive to investors

Montenegro has investment-friendly environment but it’s also more visible and more attractive destinations for investments, it was noted at the meeting of Prime Minister, Duško Marković and the President of the Addiko Bank Management Board and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Addiko Group, Mr Johannes Proksch.

Marković said that business of Addiko Bank contributes to the development of Montenegro’s economy, and that the Government seeks to provide continuity of the economic growth and sustainable development.

The Prime Minister reminded of high economic growth rates of almost more than 5% and a significant increase in the budget revenues over the past two and a half years, all for the period of implementation of the fiscal consolidation measures.

“Indeed we must praise the economic growth that you have achieved. That is exactly one of the main reasons why investors invest in Addiko Bank in Montenegro,” Mr Proksch said.

The prime minister said that Montenegro is committed to the structural reforms and to strengthening transparency, equity, competitiveness and predictability of the regulations.


Source: CDM


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