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Montenegro continues to open up for foreign investments

Montenegro continues to open up for foreign investments

After joining NATO Alliance, Montenegro has become even more secure investment destination, which means potential investors now may count on support of all segments of Montenegrin society. Having in mind the extremely favorable geographic position, our country can be and even it is an investment “hub” for regional and broader market, said Branimir Gvozedović, the vice-president of the Parliament of Montenegro.

Gvozdenović is attending the Summit100 Business Leaders of the South East Europe, held in Belgrade. Speaking on the benefits Montenegro has provided with the aim of attracting investors, he especially emphasized the tax and other kinds of reliefs that resulted in opening of more than 100 new hotels over the last 5 years.

The state won’t stop with the improvements, as it plans to continuously enhance the business environment, according to Gvozdenović. As he announced, the Parliament of Montenegro will support the government’s proposals concerning further strengthening of competitiveness in Montenegrin business environment.

Gvozdenović concluded: “In the following period, the state and the local self-governments will strive to design other preconditions for attracting new investors, making their investments cost-effective for the shortest period possible, which would positively affect the whole region.”


Source: CDM

Montenegro continues to open up for foreign investments


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