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Montenegro is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors

Montenegro is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors

In the past years Montenegro has carried out many reforms that resulted in the increase in competitiveness and transparency, as well as in the improvement  of operating conditions. As a result, Montenegro has become more attractive to foreign investors, explained the President of the Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council, Mr Christoph Schön.

At the cocktail organized on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Council in Montenegro, Mr Schön said he was so glad to celebrate the jubilee with his business partners from the Government.

“The Council was formed in 2009, by five companies, with the aim of improving the business climate and promoting communication between the foreign investors community and services in Montenegro. In the past ten years, we have become the community of leading foreign investors in Montenegro, community that counts 40 companies from different industries”, said Mr Schön.

Contribution of the Council to the GDP amounted 25% last year.


Mr Schön said that Montenegrin legislation was harmonized with the EU regulations to a very high degree.

“A very attractive tax and free trade regime and has been set up and many reforms have been carried out successfully”, said Mr Schön.

The Council is constantly observing the business development in Montenegro through the publication known as the White Book and it keeps the record of the barriers members are faced with.

As he says, life is all about the ups and downs, chances and challenges.

“As a small and young state, Montenegro has achieved a lot for a very short time, especially when compared to the other states in the region”, said Mr Schön.

Minister of Economy, Mrs Dragica Sekulić, said that it was her pleasure to congratulate the Council on 10 years of successful operation in Montenegro.


She added that the Ministry and the Government had successful cooperation and regular communication with the Council.

The White Book is helping Montenegro become as competitive destination as possible.

“The objective of the Government and the Ministry is to create the system which is going to be in accordance with the European standards, so that all investments in Montenegro are successful”, said Mrs Sekulić.

The Council made a generous donation to the Institute of Children’s Diseases and thus showed that the most vulnerable population was a priority.

Director of the Institute, Saša Radović , said that Mr Schön and his collaborators have shown what socially responsible business really meant.

“The reason why the Institute was founded was high baby mortality rate in this part of Europe, which amounted over 100% at the time. Last year we’ve recorded a leap on the WHO list, thanks to the parameter indicating that mortality rate was the lowest in Europe”, says Dr Radović.

He said it was a proof that generations in Montenegro had been doing a really good work.


Source: CDM

Montenegro is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors


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