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Montenegro Airlines delays service resumption

Montenegro Airlines delays service resumption

The national carrier Montenegro Airlines has pushed back its resumption of operations by another week, to May 7 inclusive. The carrier noted the decision was made “due to the situation caused by the coronavirus, the current ban on commercial air traffic from Montenegro, as well as restrictions from other countries”. Montenegro Airlines has operated a number of repatriation flights over the past few weeks. It suspended commercial operations on March 16.

Airports of Montenegro have achieved remarkable results in 2019, as in the previous three years, which gives the chance for this company to successfully overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus, concluded at a meeting of the company’s Board of Directors.

The President of Board Chairman Mr Dragoljub Bulatovic said the airline industry would need a significant amount of time to recover and return to the pre-global pandemic.


Bulatovic said that it was decided at the session that the activities of the Board of Directors and executive management should now be in order to overcome the challenges ahead, as well as to prepare the company for the valorisation of potential when the conditions are met.

“Therefore, we have already introduced rationalisation and savings measures, which will contribute to the sustainability of the company in the coming period and enable its accelerated development as soon as the conditions are met.” said Mr Bulatovic.

The Board of Directors also welcomed the fact that the decades-long challenge of introducing night operations at Tivat Airport was introduced in the last design phase, which means that by the next season it is expected that this airport will provide night traffic to airlines.


Source: CDM, EX-YU Aviation News




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