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Ministry of Economy: numerous economy support programmes begin

Ministry of Economy: numerous economy support programmes begin

The Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić, during the presentation of the Third Government package of socio-economic measures said that the program for economy support includes short-term and long-term measures.
“Through the third package of short-term measures, the Ministry of Economy will start with the salary subsidies from 1 August. EUR 18 million are planned by the end of the year. In the next three months, subsidies will be awarded for employee salaries in the amount of 50-100% of the minimum gross salary, as follows:
– Suspended industries 100%
– Tourism 70%
– Hospitality industry 50%
– Road transport 50%
– Quarantine and self-isolation 50%
– Parents of children up to 7 years 50%.
– To support new employment for 6 months, we will subsidise 70% of salary.

Furthermore, as a non-refundable support to the economy, we have allocated EUR 10 million for the Programme for improving the competitiveness of the economy, which includes 17 programme lines.

Through support measures will be also provided interest-free loans for energy-efficient home for households. That project will start on 1 October, Sekulić said.

She emphasised that when we talk about long-term, development measures, they are divided into three branches, namely energy, industrial policy and mining. These measures are planned until 2024 and when we talk about the processing industry, the priorities will be the food, wood and metal industries. For these branches, we will provide interest rate subsidies and grants for investments in industry.


Source: Government of Montenegro, Cafe del Montenegro


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