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Marković’s summary of 2018: Economic results are impressive

Marković’s summary of 2018: Economic results are impressive

President of the Government of Montenegro, Duško Marković, said in his traditional address at the end of the year, that 2018 had been a very successful year at both external and internal level. Montenegro had proved to be credible NATO member and it had managed to keep the dynamics of EU negotiations at an optimal level. However, he’s mostly proud of the economic results of our state and called them impressive.

“This was the year of strong international affirmation of Montenegro, dynamic economic development and stabilization of political and overall social circumstances. We have confirmed our ability to assume responsibilities with our partners and give our contribution to the values of the Alliance – peace and stability. As a reliable neighbor, we transferred our experience to the countries that are currently in the Euro-Atlantic integration process and helped them overcome even the most difficult challenges”, said the PM during the traditional reception he organized for the high representatives of legislative, executive and judicial power, political, cultural, economic and public life.

“We have understood the right way messages from Brussels. Especially those from the EU Summit. Until the point we enter the EU, fight for European values will be our primary and most important task. Therefore, this is Montenegro of democratic values, functional political system and the rule of law”, said Marković.

Economic results – impressive

PM said economy had been our greatest success.

“€200 million of income more than 2017, halved deficit, more money for education, healthcare, science and agriculture. Tourism season broke the last year’s record. Today, Montenegro is a huge construction site with FDI that are constantly increasing”, said Marković.

Marković added that the Government would keep creating economic growth that will be based on real economic parameters: long term and sustainable growth, and growth that will strengthen financial and economic stability of the state.

PM pointed out that hew as especially proud of the policy of equal regional development.

“We had provided so much funds for the north of the state. We want to stop migrations and to convert immense development potential of the north into the good of the residents and citizens of Montenegro”, said Marković.

We could have done more in terms of the internal dialogue

Marković stated that significantly higher level of safety and security of citizens and the state had been reached.

“Speaking of internal political and social circumstances, i have to say that we could have done more in strengthening the dialogue and achieving higher level of social cohesion. Therefore, this Government will do anything to make 2019 the year of social dialogue. We’ll stimulate talks with everybody, even with the ones who deny our identity. It’s high time we found answers to the divisions from the past”, said Marković.

PM asked his invitees to make time for their family and friends, to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the coming year and begin it with commitment to traditional values and overall progress.

The reception was held at wine cellar “Šipčanik”.


Source: CDM

Marković’s summary of 2018: Economic results are impressive


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