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Klopot and Jabucki Krs tunnels to be bored by September

Klopot and Jabucki Krs tunnels to be bored by September

Boring for the Klopot and Jabucki Krs tunnels will be completed by the middle of next month. The tunnels will be the first along the Bar – Boljare highway priority section to be bored, said representatives of China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), the main contractor on the largest infrastructure project in the history of Montenegro.

“The works on the major structures of the priority section are being carried out as planned. Preparatory work for boring the Kosman and Mala Trava tunnels is nearing completion while works on the Jabuka bridge near Kolasin are also progressing at a satisfactory pace,” CRBC representatives told Pobjeda.

According to them, at the longest tunnel of the priority section – Vjeternik – 178 workers have completed boring work totalling 620.6 metres of its left pipe and 645.9 metres of its right.

At the Moracica bridge, one of the most demanding structures along the highway, CRBC is working on its pillars, the largest of which will be 161m high. The bridge will be 960m long.

and expects that by the end of October the work to construct the superstructure upon which vehicles will cross will begin. Currently, 372 workers are engaged at Moracica.

“The work is now being carried out along the entire length of the highway section with the exception of the segment from the Matesevo tunnel exit to the end of the priority section – about 800 metres long,” CRBC representatives.

Of the 2,520 workers engaged on the highway, 584 are employed by subcontractors, said the CRBC representatives.


Source: CDM

Klopot and Jabucki Krs tunnels to be bored by September


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