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Investors from the United Arab Emirates interested in Montenegro

Investors from the United Arab Emirates interested in Montenegro

Investors from the Emirates are interested in investing in Montenegro, the Chamber of Commerce announced after the meeting of President Vlastimir Golubović with the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates Nabil Abdelaziz Naser Saed Alshamsi.

They also confirmed that stronger cooperation between the two countries would be essential for the realization of development of economic ties.


“I am convinced that Montenegro is a paradise full of investment potential. We want to be your strategic partners and connect you with investors who are interested in investing in the Montenegrin economy” said the ambassador.

According to her, the Montenegrin coast is already very well known to everyone, so its goal is to present the potentials of the north of our country to businessmen particularly the possibilities for starting production plants.

“For example, between 40 and 60 thousand citizens of the Emirate visit Bosnia and Herzegovina every year, and about half of them have already become owners of certain property in that country. I want us to achieve something like that in Montenegro as well. We want to find you credible partners to start production in the north. There are interested investors, they just need to be directed “, said Alshamsi.


Mr Golubovic thanked the ambassador for the expressed interest of the United Arab Emirates in investing in Montenegro.

Investments from the UAE in our economy since 2007 amount to 363.2 million euros, making this country 11th on the list of most important investors.
Among the biggest investments are those of Abu Dhabi Capital Group in Capital Plaza, the State Investment Fund from Dubai in Porto Montenegro, BMJ Industries in the new Tobacco Plant, Masdar Energy in the Krnovo wind farm. On the other hand, trade between the two countries amounts to a modest two million euros and there is significant room for improvement. Golubović expressed special gratitude to the UAE Embassy for its support to Montenegro during the Covid-19 pandemic and valuable donations to our health system.
“I want to personally thank the UAE for its support. All investors are welcome in our country” said Golubovic, who briefly presented the investment projects and potentials of Montenegro.
He especially emphasized the possibilities of building a cement factory in Pljevlja, starting wood processing plants, then investments in agriculture, energy from renewable sources, circular economy, as well as business benefits in business zones. He pointed out the importance of the Port of Bar, which, by revitalizing the railway and building the highway, could become a logistics center that connects Western and Southeastern Europe.


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