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Successfull stories

Since gaining independence in 2006, Montenegro became one of the most attractive destinations in Europe; vast expansion in tourism and in the real estate sectors, encouraged by a list of new Government concessions, brought a significant foreign investment flow over the past years. Besides individual investors from all over the world some of the most famous players in the tourism and real estate sectors, has recognized great potentials in Montenegro and invested directly in business here or allowed a franchise to be opened. Brands such as Hard Rock Cafe, Regent Hotels and Resorts, Aman Resorts, Merit International Casinos has started their operations in Montenegro. Hotel Hilton in Podgorica, the first One & Only resort in Europe, Chenot Spa and Nobu Restaurants are among the latest projects under construction or just opened. Besides these brands, Royal families of Dubai and Abu Dhabi owns already several investments in Montenegro, including a 300 million Euros project in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Having a great geo location, being well connected, counting a list of very attractive economic policies and having an economy that is very open to foreign investments, Montenegro is indeed a very attractive destination to invest in.

Porto Montenegro - Tivat

Exclusive development in Tivat, in Boka Bay with a world class super yacht marina with more than 400 berths, residences with exclusive apartments, shopping village and a luxurious Regent Hotel. Attracting high class tourists and with great conditions for yacht berthing (tax free fuel) Porto Montenegro quickly became one of the most desireable 5 star destinations in the Mediterranean area. As the development advances, so do the real estate prices in and around the marina, that gave a significant return on investment. From €3500 per m² in 2011 to €8000 nowadays in Porto Montenegro, and from around €800 in 2011 to around €4000 around the marina today, this project proved its value for investing.

AZ Consulting offers properties in Porto Montenegro and in Tivat, and the offer is available upon request.

Orascom - Luštica Bay

Another exclusive development, on the Luštica peninsula, only around 15 minutes of drive from Tivat airport. Egyptian ORASCOM (owner of WIND Telecommunications in Italy and of many other successful and famous prospects and business around the world) is building a complex that will be the biggest greenfield investment in Montenegro, estimated to more than one billion Euros. The village will count over seven hotels with more than 1,000 apartments, 500 villas, two marinas with a total number of 250 berths, a conference centre, an 18-hole golf course, two marinas and a town centre with shops, schools and medical service centre. The first hotel in the development will be the luxury hotel brand The Chedi, first one in Europe. Orascom also took a new development underway – turning an old Austro-Hungarian fortress on the island of Mamula (at the entrance of Boka Bay) into a luxury resort. Already in the first years of development, real estate prices in Luštica Bay went from €3500 per m² to €5000 per m² and it helped the prices of properties around the development to soar.
Over 200 apartments were sold already (August 2016), part of them off-plan.
Upon request, AZ Consulting can provide a list of real estate offers.

Portonovi- Herceg Novi

In Kumbor (Herceg Novi), Azerbaijani oil company AZMONT is building a luxury development, which will host the exclusive One & Only hotel resort, a village with exclusive residences and shops, together with a yacht marina with 220 berths. The resort will have approximately 140 luxurious guest rooms and villas, residential component and world-class marina, tennis academy, an Espace Chenot health spa, dining and retail options. The One & Only hotel will be the first and only one in Europe. It is expected that this development will bring high returns on investments, especially for the investors within the first stage of development. Nearby developments are examples of these expectations.

AZ Consulting can offer suggestions for early investments in Portonovi or in the area around the development.

Dukley Gardens - Budva

A village of luxury waterfront residences in Budva, located on a green cape called Zavala, with a unique view to the city of Budva and Sveti Nikola island. Dukley Gardens is the most exclusive development in Budva area, with over 200 luxury residences, a private beach, yacht marina developed together with D-Marine, world leader which adds more value to the whole development, two restaurants and a residential building in the city. The village is entirely private, so only the owners of residences have access to the restricted area. Developers built a new residential building in the city centre of Budva, near the astonishing walls of the old town and are planning to add a 5 star hotel next year as well as several new real estate projects in the area. With a market prices at around €12,000 per m² the project proves highest value standards and great commitments in their development.

“Upon request, AZ Consulting can provide a list of real estate offers.”

Capital Plaza - Podgorica

A project worth over 300 million Euros owned and developed by Abu Dhabi‘s Capital Investment LLC (which is partly owned by UAE royal family) in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. Besides residential, shopping and office spaces, Capital Plaza has already opened the only Hard Rock Cafe in Montenegro and will soon be home to an exclusive 5 star “H” Hotel, one out of three in the world.

AZ Consulting can offer suggestions for Retail spaces within Capital Plaza or in the area around the development

Hilton - Podgorica

In the heart of Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, a totally renovated 200 rooms hotel complex nears completion and will do business as a part of Hilton Hotels & Resorts franchise. The hotel was well known in the past as Hotel Podgorica, being the most relevant of the whole country. The new complex will host the first Casino of the capital city of Montenegro.

AZ Consulting can offer suggestions for Retail spaces within Hotel Hilton or in the area around the development.

Porto Skadar Lake

First 5 star eco resort in Montenegro, set to be built on Skadar lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the largest in the south of Europe, with beautiful rural and natural places and home to more than 260 species of birds and other animals, nominated UNESCO world heritage. The development will be built in harmony with the surrounding, with special care about the nature. Private villas, eco hotel with an exclusive spa, a panoramic restaurant and a marina will make Porto Skadar Lake one of the most desirable places in Montenegro inlands.

AZ Consulting can offer suggestions for early investments in Porto Skadar Lake or in the area around the development.

Aman Resort - Sveti Stefan

A former fisherman village on an island with beautiful natural surroundings that Tito turned into an exclusive resort in 1961, Aman Sveti Stefan is one of the most beautiful places and resorts in Montenegro. The island is made like a town-resort, allowing only guests of the high class resort to enter it. The cost per night goes from 1500€ and more, up to 2800€ per night in Sofia Loren villa, where the actress was a guest already in 1961. Today, the resort attracts exclusive clientele of actors, diplomats, ministries and athletes that are spending their holidays there every summer. Even Novak Đoković, the best tennis player in the world chose Sveti Stefan as a place for his wedding in 2014. In a beautiful park on the coast surrounding the island, guests can enjoy amazing villa Miločer, the former villa of Queen Marija Karađorđević and a newly opened Nobu restaurant, partly owned by actor Robert de Niro.

“AZ Consulting can offer suggestions for Retail spaces within Aman Resort Sveti Stefan or in the area around the development.”