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Han: 2025. ambitious, but realistic goal

Han: 2025. ambitious, but realistic goal

European Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn believes that the year 2025, as a date for the possible reception of individual candidates from the Balkans is ambitious, but a realistic goal.

“The president of the European Commission has stated, for some candidates, 2025 as a possible date of accession, which is realistic, although ambitious,” Han said in an interview with the Vienna daily Kurir.

Asked whether Catalonia would leave the EU, he said that all participants should return to the dialogue: “The outcome of the election did not ease the situation on the ground.”

Regarding the EU procedure against Poland, he stressed that there was no talk about splitting the Union.

Regarding the future of the EU, he recalled that the Commission presented five options for reform of the Union and expressed the hope that an agreement on a central position would be reached.

“The foundation will be – a concentration on the large, globally relevant topics and the transfer of other topics to national states,” Han explained.


Source: RTCG



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