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Foreign investors attracted by tourism, energetics and infrastructure

Foreign investors attracted by tourism, energetics and infrastructure

Apart from tourism, which is the most developed branch of economy in Montenegro, energetics, infrastructure and agriculture are sectors with enormous investment potential. These sectors are important for our economy because the domestic businessmen recognized them as opportunities for successful business. But that’s not the only reasons. These sectors are the most attractive to the foreign investors.

Dragica Sekulić, Minister of Economy, pointed out that a lot of projects in the domain of tourism, traffic and infrastructure are being implemented. Ministry of Economy is constantly carrying out support programs for both domestic and foreign companies.

“This year we are going to carry out 10 programs through which we offer to the companies non-refundable financial assistance regarding grant of funds with the purpose of employment, tax exemption, implementation of innovation activities and so much more, depending on the type of program”, said Sekulić.

Montenegro is about to join “Start-up Europe” ecosystem which will bring it more transparency and promotion.

Considering that the Government has administrative rights, and now considerable share in the ownership of Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG), Sekulić said that in the forthcoming period the focus will be on the additional elaboration and implementation of the investment plan. Special attention will be put on the implementation of projects in Pljevlja – ecological reconstruction of the existing block and heating.

“EPCG is trying to expand its production facilities all with the aim of having better position at the regional market of electrical energy. Also, EPCG will focus on the investments in the distribution network in order to provide better electricity supply for the end users”, said Sekulić.

She added that the decision of EPCG to take over shares of the Coal Mine in Pljevlja is a very good one – brings benefits to both companies and their employees and to the country. Besides, EPCG has much bigger investment capital in comparison to the Coal Mine and therefore the possibilities for investing in the coal mine are greater if it is in the EPCG ownership. Merging of the two companies is the most logical solution since it brings stability. EPCG would have more comprehensive offer – from coal exploitation to the production of electrical energy.


Source: CDM

Foreign investors attracted by tourism, energetics and infrastructure


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