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EX-YU airports handle over 17 million passengers

EX-YU airports handle over 17 million passengers

Airports across the former Yugoslavia have handled over seventeen million passengers during the first eight months of 2017, with Split, Podgorica and Ljubljana continuing to show significant growth among larger airports in the region. This year will mark the first time at least eight airports will handle over a million travellers as Tivat joins the list this September. Airports of Montenegro, which runs both Tivat and Podgorica, has said it anticipates for the latter to also welcome a million flyers. “We expect to handle a combined total of around two million passengers this year at our two airports. The largest share of travellers passing through Podgorica Airport came from the Serbian, German, Turkish and Italian markets, while the Russian market is still dominant in Tivat”, the operator said in a statement.
EX-YU airport results, JAN – AUG 2017

Airport PAX Change (%)
Belgrade 3.583.371 ▲ 8.9
Split 2.123.209 ▲ 23.6
Zagreb 2.035.137 ▲ 10.6
Dubrovnik 1.695.464 ▲ 17.9
Pristina 1.298.706 ▲ 13.6
Skopje 1.223.630 ▲ 10.6
Ljubljana 1.117.497 ▲ 20.6
Tivat 854.028 ▲ 16.2
Podgorica 713.392 ▲ 21.1
Sarajevo 668.338 ▲ 14.1

Croatian airports have seen a bumper summer season, with almost all recording strong passenger growth so far in 2017. Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar registered their strongest year on record. The President of the Air Transport Association at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Tonči Peović, estimates that annual growth at the country’s nine commercial airports will average 10% this year. “The significant rise in passenger numbers at Croatian airports has been influenced by GDP growth in countries that visitors are coming from, as well as numerous other factors, including safety. Travellers want to go on holiday to places where they feel safe”, Mr Peović, who is also the General Manager of Brač Airport, said. He added that lower fares resulting from lower fuel prices have also stimulated travel.


Airport PAX Change (%)
Pula 450.930 ▲ 31.4
Zadar 443.875 ▲ 17.4
Tuzla 353.423 ▲ 72.7
Niš 213.215 ▲ 321.7
Ohrid 115.435 ▲ 11.6
Rijeka 103.096 ▼ 3.6
Mostar 30.786 ▼ 18.3
Osijek 25.321 ▲ 20.0
Banja Luka 14.745 ▼ 3.9


Fraport Slovenia, the operator of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, has revised up its passenger growth forecast into the low double-digit percentage range for the year following a string of strong results. “This growth was due to, on the one hand, the arrival of new airlines and, on the other hand, a significant increase in capacity utilisation by Adria Airways”, Fraport said. Meanwhile, Tuzla Airport has recorded spectacular growth, handling 353.423 passengers during the first eight months of the year, up 72.7% on 2016. Growth was fuelled by Wizz Air’s expansion in the city. It’s counterpart in Niš has also seen its numbers soar, growing over 300%. “With the introduciton of new routes by the end of the year, such as Ryanair’s service from Stockholm Skavsta, we anticipate handling 330.000 passengers in 2017”, Niš Airport said in a statement.
Source: EX-YU Aviation News


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