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End of coronavirus epidemic in Montenegro

End of coronavirus epidemic in Montenegro

The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases, at today’s session, decided at the suggestion of the Public Health Institute to declare an end to the coronavirus epidemic, introduced in the entire state territory on 26 March.

Montenegro was the last country in Europe to declare the epidemic outbreak on March 26. The last patient in the Adriatic state recovered on May 24.

Today is the 28th day from the last infected patient, what the World Health Organisation (WHO) said was the criteria for declaring a country free of the pandemic.

The government hopes the coronavirus-free status will give the country’s crucial tourism industry a boost, assuring jittery foreign visitors that all is safe, although the government will be selective about whom it lets in.

Montenegro reported its first COVID-19 infection on March 17, making it the last European country to register a case of the coronavirus disease. In total, it has confirmed 324 cases and nine related deaths.


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