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€144.3m outflow

€144.3m outflow

Total foreign direct investments (FDI) in the first 11 months of 2017 amounted to €538.3mm, whereas in the same period the outflow was €144.3m, preliminary data of the CBCG show.

Net foreign direct investment inflow, or the difference between its inflow and outflow, amounted to €394m, which is 13.4 times more than in the same period last year.

Outflow of residents funds invested abroad amounted to €42.1m, while non-residents’ funds invested in Montenegro amounted to €102.2m, CBCG stated in its bulletin.

The foreign direct investments in the form of equity investments amounted to €285.1m, accounting for 53% of the total inflow. Out of this, real estate investment amounted to €132.4m, while €152.7m was invested in companies and banks.

FDI inflows in the form of intercompany debt amounted to €219.1m or 40.7% of total inflow.


Source: CDM

€144.3m outflow



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