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Đikanović: We’re opening Montenegro to global world

Đikanović: We’re opening Montenegro to global world

The University of Donja Gorica (UDG) is organising the 24th Miločer Development Forum in the period from 14 September to 18 September. The main topic of this year’s Forum is “Ecology: Regulation, Education, Business”.
The forum will gather the renowned experts from all over the world.

In an interview for the weekend edition of Dnevne Novine daily, a UDG professor and vice-president of the Association of Economists of Montenegro, Prof. Dr Zoran Đikanović, said that the Miločer Development Forum “was and still remains the main stage for the promotion of the young and new ideas”.

According to him, mission of the forum is to promote new ideas and boost the sense of future and new thought: “Our goal is to launch new ideas, new visions of development, new communication and to open Montenegro to the global world. The forum is testing the possibilities of practical application of new ideas, in terms of opening new businesses or new areas of research.”
“The aim of the forum is to tackle several aspects of ecology: regulation in this field as the main precondition for sustainable development, business operations in this field, especially new ideas, as well as new ideas for funding projects in the field of ecology. Regulations will be regarded in the context of the European laws and Montenegro’s accession to the European Union” said Đikanović commenting on this year’s topic.

“The forum represents a basis for stimulating new thoughts and ideas. It raises awareness of an individual about his/her own obligation to develop himself/herself and the environment as well. The forum always gathers many young people who have the opportunity to hear a lot of new information” explained Đikanović.


Source: CDM


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