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Croatian ship ‘Dubrovnik’ to take over Bar-Bari line

Croatian ship ‘Dubrovnik’ to take over Bar-Bari line

Jadrolinija’s ship ‘Dubrovnik’ will be connecting ferry port in Bar (Montenegro) with the one in Bari (Italy) this summer season as well, announced Barska Plovidba a.d.

It will be the 3rd season in a row that the Croatian ship ‘Dubrovnik’ will be taking over the Bar-Bari line as the Montenegrin Barska Plovidba a.d. still hasn’t purchased a ferry.

The managerial staff of Barska Plovidba a.d. visited Rijeka (Croatia) in February in order to negotiate business requirements, timetable and schedule for ferries with managers of Croatia’s Jadrolinija.

“The 2019 summer season is about to start and we had to provide an alternative solution for the Bar-Bari ferry line. We had a good cooperation with Jadrolinija over the past two years and we expect to continue in the same way this year as well. Barska Plovidba’s still striving to buy a used passenger vessel that would take over the Bar-Bari line,” said the president of the Board of Directors of Barska Plovidba a.d., Ljubo Kočović.


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