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Concrete investments expected in the north of Montenegro

Concrete investments expected in the north of Montenegro

The possibility of investing in the development of businesses with the appropriate benefits for leasing, reduction of taxes and utility fees are trump cards for attracting foreign investors issued in the municipalities of Mojkovac and Berane, writes Pobjeda.

Things are still at the very beginning in Mojkovac because the business zone is waiting for infrastructure and investors. The ​five hectares Babica Polje area was declared business zone in May this year. Although it offers great benefits, no investors have appeared there yet because is still a meadow without any detail of infrastructure. But that will change next year.

As Pm Dusko Markovic announced last month, the government will allocate €500,000 for the infrastructure in the business zone next year.

The zone manager Bojana Zejak said that there were investors interested in doing business there.

“More than 30 investors, mostly foreign ones, have been interested in doing business in Mojkovac business zone. Investors from Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia and several other European countries showed great interest in investing in the business zone at numerous meetings organized mainly in the cabinet of Mojkovac mayor Dejan Medojevic. Chinese investors are particularly interested in the Babica Polje,” she said.

As she explained, potential investors are waiting for the infrastructure to be built in the business zone, analysing the resources we have and making feasibility studies on investments.


Source: CDM

Concrete investments expected in the north of Montenegro


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