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Cheaper roaming charges as of April 2019

Cheaper roaming charges as of April 2019

Based on the Work Plan of the Agency for the Electronic Communications and Postal Services, EKIP, this institution will generate revenues in the amount of EUR 4.32 million in 2019, which is by 3.51% less compared to this year’s revenue estimations.

“In accordance with the Digital Agenda for the Western Balkan countries and with assistance of the European Commission, we expect the new agreement on decreasing roaming charges between the Western Balkan countries to be signed by April 2019,” the EKIP’s work plan suggests.

The Government of Montenegro at its latest session provided opinion on this document and stated: “Professional supervision in the area of electronic communications and postal services is of crucial importance, and we back the EKIP’s activities related to protection and ensuring security and integrity of electronic communication networks and services, especially implementation of measures and activities towards protection of rights and interests of users.”


Source: CDM

Cheaper roaming charges as of April 2019


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