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Buscardini: Montenegro is the pearl of the Balkans

Buscardini: Montenegro is the pearl of the Balkans


Antonio Buscardini, a tourism expert, journalist and man who will launch the global “Travel Tomorrow” platform on June 16th, the man who made two documentaries about Montenegro (Budva, Cetinje) can’t wait to return to our country. He describes Montenegro like pearl of the Balkans with amazing landscapes and kind and hospitable people.

Mr Buscardini tells CdM how he experienced and fell in love with Montenegro.


“I had an enormous pleasure to visit Budva and Cetinje back in 2017 where I met generous and cordial people and rich cultural heritage. We made two documentaries for the international French television TV5 MONDE. We presented Budva as one of Europe’s main destinations. This documentary was broadcast intensively from 2017 to 2019, gathering more than 60 million viewers. The most successful scene was the one from Sveti Stefan. Not only because of its unquestionable beauty, but also because of its very passionate history and stories about the Paštrovići tribe,” Mr Buscardini says.

Buscardini simply has no dilemma – Montenegro combines a rich history, glamour from Budva and Kotor, breathtaking natural beauties and very kind people.

Let’s not forget about its fantastic gastronomy as well!


Source: Cafe del Montenegro



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