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Bob Sinclar performing this June in Podgorica

Bob Sinclar performing this June in Podgorica

French house DJ and producer Bob Sinclar will be one of this year’s star of the third edition of the Festival City Groove Podgorica.

Sinclar, who is performing for the first time in Podgorica, will open this year’s festival, and his performance has been scheduled for 2 June at the Small Sports Stadium.

The most popular commercial house DJ career began back in 1986, when he was only eighteen. He is the most prominent representative of the “French touch” style of house music, characterized by frequent use of sampled disco music.

This year’s festival is part of Podgorica Cultural Summer, so the festival was supported by Capital City.

Ticket sales for the third City Groove will start right after all the names of the participants are published.

Source: EX – YU Aviation News



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