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Beckham family again in Montenegro

Beckham family again in Montenegro

David and Victoria Beckham are spending their vacation with family for the second time in Sveti Stefan.




The retired footballer and his family chose the perfect destination for their stay in Montenegro; the small island and five-star hotel resort of Aman Sveti Stefan, located near Budva, which offers stunning sea views and privacy away from the public eye.

The most famous couple spent their vacation in Montenegro last year also. They were situated at Villa 112, one of the most luxurious apartments on peninsula where Prince Charles, actress Sofia Loren, Novak Djokovic with family, actor Jeremy Irons also stayed.

“It’s just as if I have returned to town from the most beautiful fairy tale of my childhood” – Sofia Loren

Being one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is attracting more and more tourists, especially those rich and famous.

In 2014 the famous tennis player Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena also chose the island-hotel and a deluxe resort Aman Sveti Stefan for their romantic and intimate wedding ceremony.

Sveti Stefan



In addition to the impressive list of names that resided here and the undoubted quality of accommodation and services in the facility leased by the prestigious brand “Aman resort”, intimacy is certainly one of the key reasons that draws the world elite to Budva.


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