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Azerbaijan in top-3 of main investors in Montenegro

Azerbaijan in top-3 of main investors in Montenegro

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Azerbaijan invested 45 million euros in the economy of Montenegro in ten months of 2017, says a message posted on the website of the Central Bank of Montenegro.

The message says that the share of Azerbaijan accounted for nine percent in the total volume of investments put in Montenegro in the period.

The entire volume of Azerbaijani investments accounted for Montenegrin companies and banks.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranks first in the list of investors with 87 million euros in the period. The country is followed by Russia (50 million euros).

Azerbaijan comes in third, with 45 million euros, followed by Italy (38.2 million euros), Germany (35.2 million euros), Switzerland (31.6 million euros), Serbia (27.4 million euros), Cyprus (23.7 million euros), Turkey (19 million euros) and Spain (13.8 million euros).

In total, foreign investors from 74 countries put net investments (investments in project organization, initial investments) of 380 million euros in Montenegro’s economy in the ten months of 2017.

This is 22 percent more than in the same period of 2016. The volume of gross investments (total investments in the economy) reached 500 million euros.


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