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Audi is testing the roads of Montenegro

Audi is testing the roads of Montenegro

Reporter Jerome Chonte tested the Audi S4 TDI on the famous Kotor – Njegusi road, and the film was presented last night on the French TF1.

These Kotor sides are a constant obsession of foreigners (and not just foreigners). For the past ten years, Jaguar, BMW, Porsche have been shooting there.


This winding road is breathtaking and the Kotor Serpentine is one of the most famous part in the world.

Kotor Serpentine is the most famous and most challenging part of the road with 16 hairpin turns. The road ends along one of Montenegro’s most beautiful bays, in Kotor.

The road is very curvy with a spectacular views, particularly in the morning when light gives this landscape an indescribable touch. This road has been featured on Top Gear and high-end auto commercials.


See how Audi treads this legendary route.




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