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American companies want to invest in Podgorica

American companies want to invest in Podgorica

American companies are interested in investing into the capital of Montenegro. This was the subject of today’s meeting and such attitude was reported by the co.founder of the company Ice Gliders, Sevastian Ploščanski and Deputy President of IBG & Plate Group, Farsard Kai.

“City administration has the ambition to implement significant capital projects, and  in that regard it’s very important for us to know that there are potential partners who are ready to help us achieve our goals”, said the Mayor, Ivan Vuković.

He acquainted the guests with the projects and with the investments planned for the forthcoming period.

Representatives of American companies, known by numerous successfully implemented construction projects int he USA, have shown their special interest in the construction of trade fair center in Podgorica.

They offered our Capital the possibility of building expo-center, aqua park and many other amenities, while following the model of public and private partnership.

Vuković  pointed out the openness of the Administration towards establishing partnership that will enable realization of capital projects and amenities that Podgorica lacks.


Source: CDM

American companies want to invest in Podgorica


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