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Aman Sveti Stefan one of the top five hotels for art lovers

Aman Sveti Stefan one of the top five hotels for art lovers

“Heads up, art lovers,” says Sean Newsom in The Sunday Times.

This July, the exclusive hotel Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro is hosting an “eye-catching” art exhibition, featuring works from the most important world artist Pablo Picasso. The visitors will have the opportunity to admire also the works from Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, Andy Warhol .


The price for two person room in this luxury resort starts from £1,457 and only Sveti Stefan’s guests will enjoy the exhibition that contains seventy works of art.
It will be “the icing on the cake” for the restoration of this “extraordinary” 500-year-old island village, which has hosted Novak Djokovic’s wedding, as well as Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren Robert De Niro, the Beckhams.

A stay here doesn’t come cheap. But rest assured – “in this sleepy corner of the Balkans, Aman has created a soul-soothing masterpiece”.

Montenegro has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over recent years.
Montenegro quickly built up a reputation as a magnet for the rich and famous people who enjoyed the wild beauty of Montenegro.




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