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Aman Sveti Stefan: Apartment costing €5.000 per night most visited

Aman Sveti Stefan: Apartment costing €5.000 per night most visited

One of the most luxurious hotels on Sveti Stefan, Aman Sveti Stefan, expects this year’s tourist season to be better than previous ones. Its most visited apartment is Sveti Stefan Suite, the price of which can reach €5.000 per night during the summer season.

Assistant general manager, Jelena Uskokovic told Pobjeda that the pre-season has been successful.

„We are very pleased with bookings so far, and we expect them to remain in the upward trend until the end of the season. We were satisfied with the previous tourist season, but it can already been concluded that this one will be better,” Uskokovic said.

The prices for rooms range from €1,100 to €5.000. There are 50 rooms and apartments on the island, and Villa Milocer has 8 rooms. The guests are usually from the US, UK and Russia, Uskokovic says.

Uskokovic said that tourists can book a tour around the island, which costs €20 per person.

“The price includes one welcome drink. We organise two tours a day – at 11am and 2pm. Tourists can visit churches, tour the island and look free rooms”, Uskokovic said.

The chef in the resort, Mladen Zec, said that the expectations of guests match the quality of service.

“They have their own demands, and we try to meet them, to make their stay here more interesting and beautiful. I think we are succeeding in it”, Zec said.

When it comes to food, the guests can taste Italian, French, Asian and traditional Montenegrin dishes.

“There are 150 dishes on the menu. However, some guests create their own menu and we adhere to that”, Zec said.

He said that the guests feel home in the Aman Hotel, which is a policy of the hotel.

Zec said that there are about 350 people employed in the hotel’s kitchen, mostly Montenegrin citizens.

A lot of business guests come for lunch or dinner in the hotel.

“These reservations are limited, and they get filled every day. We don’t accept many guests from the outside, because we want to make sure that the guests in the hotel have quality, peace and privacy”, Zec said.


Source: CDM

Aman Sveti Stefan: Apartment costing €5.000 per night most visited


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