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Safe, serious, on time, precise, affordable: our clients use these terms to define us.

AZ Consulting

We are partners who are passionate about what we do and our partners’ success.

We pride ourselves in being solution providers.

  • Trg. Magnolija 3C, 85320 Tivat, Montenegro
  • +382 (0)67 622-835 Italiano/English
  • +382 (0)68 265-897 Russian/MNE-SRB
  • info@azconsulting.me
  • Mon – Sat: 9:00 – 18:00

As a multi-platform consulting agency, AZ Consulting can offer assistance in every aspect of your business in Montenegro or in the region, from establishing a business to marketing activities or retail system set up. Our experts will offer you best solutions based on their experience in Montenegro or international markets. Our affiliate partners are also the most reliable companies in their sector, properly selected in several years of our presence in this market, and will provide top service to our clients.

AZ Consulting is the most substantial aid to foreign investors and companies that want to invest in a fast developing country or to delocalize their business to Montenegro because of the favorable business conditions and attractive tax system. Besides covering administrative procedures, we will provide you with legal assistance and introduction or mediation with government institutions that may be relevant to your business. We offer full business support, including connecting you with future partners or clients.
Our services are provided in full compliance with European quality standards and certified by strict business ethics which require use of professionals who have extensive knowledge about local business, market, laws and regulations that they constantly update. Many of our associates also have international work experience. We connect expertise across services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes.
We will do our best to make our clients feel like home in Montenegro. Therefore, we are providing fully equipped office spaces for our clients or their employees in our headquarters in Tivat, or in Podgorica, for the ones who need to be in the capital city of Montenegro. We also provide secretarial services and meeting/conference rooms for our clients. We communicate in English, Italian, Russian and Montenegrin (Serbian/Croatian) but can also provide translators for documentation or for accompanying our clients during their stay in Montenegro.
For the variety of services offered and the variety of the sectors in which it operates, AZ Consulting is therefore quantifiable as a strategic partner in opening and establishing your business in Montenegro, as the first party in the dialogue with operators and local institutions and as a preferred advisor in choice of tools and solutions to be adopted for asset management, and the optimization of the tax burden to the safe asset management. Our client list includes professionals and companies operating in many different areas, from construction industry to health, from education to textiles.
AZ Consulting works internationally, and is present in a number of countries directly or indirectly through a network of affiliated companies, from Serbia and Russia until a long list of countries that we will be pleased to share with our clients based on advanced commercial requests.
With our in-house experts and affiliate partners, we offer a broad range of services for individual investors or companies as seen bellow. We provide tailor-made service and full-time commitment to our clients. For quotations or any questions, please contact us.