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Airports of Montenegro welcomed over 1 million passengers

Airports of Montenegro welcomed over 1 million passengers

National carrier “Montenegro Airlines” handled 262.954 passengers during the first half of 2019, representing an increase of 4.9%.

In June, the company welcomed 77.348 passengers on board its aircraft which represent an increase of 5%.


I’m happy to say that today we welcomed over 1 million passengers in terms of international traffic, Director of the Airports of Montenegro, Mr Danilo Orlandić, told CdM.

“Already now we can say that 2019 will be more successful than 2018, a record-breaking year, and based on the announcements, we expect the airports in Podgorica and Tivat to welcome around 2,600,000 passengers. We are happy to hear about this data but it also creates an obligation for us to boost our capacities and provide better service to the passengers,” Mr Orlanidć was adamant.
Commenting on flock of crowds through Tivat Airport, he noted that crowds at the airports are nothing unusual, as they happen in much larger airports, especially in peak season.


Mr Orlandić continued: “I don’t see why this should be perceived as bad news. Of course, it’s nothing new that we lack space and that is why we constructed departure Terminal 2 in Tivat Airport with the support of the Government of Montenegro.”

Director of the Airports of Montenegro also claims that currently there are around 25% of departing tourists using this facility, and their number is to be even higher in the next few days. In addition, the Airports of Montenegro has the plan to improve conditions for tourists coming to the country by upgrading the existing terminal.


Source: CDM , EX-YU Aviation News 


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