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The world’s largest tour operator wants to build resort at Ada

The world’s largest tour operator wants to build resort at Ada

The world’s largest tour operator, TUI, operating with the Ulcinjska Rivijera property lessee, Karisima Hotels & Resorts, is interested in building a specific tourist resort at Ada Bojana, the Ulcinjska Rivijera executive director Radomir Mikan Zec told Dnevne Novine.

He points out that the TUI representatives would build the tourist complex with a capacity of 3,000-4,000 beds at the island near Ulcinj.

“This way, Ada would finally be valorised in the right way and become one of the best brands in the tourist offer of Europe, and maybe world,” Zec adds.

According to him, the tourist offer of Ada Bojana and the entire Ulcinj Rivijera has been visibly improved in the last ten years, moving from the zero level to the three stars category. That was one of the reasons why Karisma Hotels & Resorts decided to lease the Olympic and Bellevue hotels and land on the Velika Plaza.

“Until 2008, Ulcinj Rivijera was bankrupt. People sis not get their salaries, the facilities were ruined. The standard was below zero. There were about 170 beds and it was the market only for gastarbeiters from Kosovo working abroad for 40 days in the summer. The capacities and standard have been built over years, with the help of banks and the Investment Development Fund. Thus we reached the three stars level. I think this was the last chance for the big investor to appear and Karisma certainly would not have appeared had we kept the offer level from 10 years ago,” Zec points out.DSC9926

Zec calls to mind that Karisma will reconstruct the Olympic and Bellevue hotels and build four star apartments there. It will also construct four swimming pools, kids’ parks, restaurants, cafes, shops, sports courts…

“They have already made two test rooms and sent them to TUI, who has been obliged to fill these capacities for six months a year. There is a huge room for building new capacities. There is about 200,000 square meters area, one hundred years old pine forest, trim paths. It is a fantastic ambience. By raising the standard of service, a resort can be made there which not only Ulcinj, but entire Montenegro could be proud of,” Zec said.


Source: CDM

The world’s largest tour operator wants to build resort at Ada

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